About Master Robert

Master Robert Feda is recognized wherever he travels for his exceptional heart and service to others.

As a Divine Channel and Divine Direct Soul Communicator, he carries a strong, gentle presence of love compassion and light that immediately comforts, calms and heals. Whether offering healing blessings, leading classes, or reading the Akashic Record, those who seek his services are held calmly and serenely in the strength of his Divine Presence.
A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Master Robert holds a double major in Business and German. He transferred his learning into experience as a team leader for Northwest Airlines, being selected as a lead trainer in their employee-training program, “NorthBest University”, Masters of Customer Service.
Master Robert has taught Soul Healing workshops and retreats in Colorado, Hawaii and Italy. He is sought out for his warmth and heart-filled teaching style in the mission of joining all hearts and souls together as One.
To connect with Master Robert, please email him at Robert.Feda@drsha.com or call 808.228.9446.

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  1. Beautiful blog, Master Robert - congratulations!
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