Friday, 18 September 2015

Entering the Vibrational Field of the Tao!

Aloha ,
There are amazing stories from being in the the Tao Field, Tao Chang. I was so grateful for my experience as I had to totally surrender and offer up any negativity to be purified.  In the beginning my mind raced and was busy with problem solving, by the end I was in bliss as if I had just climbed the highest mountain and rejoiced in the view from the top and from whence I came. As with the Tao , all things are possible and all things are waiting to be discovered. Being in the Tao Chang field offered the place for  that discovery to manifest.  Experience this Field in those special meditation places on Mother Earth that Master Sha has created. It is most humbling as well as enlightening!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

The ultimate expression of humility is Karma cleansing with Master Sha

Master Sha recently asked us to do a flow about the power and significance of Karma cleansing for our relationship with the Divine.
It is the ultimate expression of our Humility.
"Dear one this is the Wu Ji Da Tao committee speaking.  The power and 
significance of Karma cleaning between you and the highest realms of Heaven 
are beyond words. By cleansing this Karma you will significantly advance your 
Soul Journey . You will become ever closer to melding with Tao and accomplish 
your soul Journey to meld with Tao . This is the achievement of Immortality . 
This is the realization of Oneness . You are blessed beyond words to be present 
at this moment. That this portal of Heaven has opened to you and that you have 
this opportunity available to you. is beyond words. By having this Karma removed you are ever 
closer and  in a position to serve unconditionally with no ego and attachments . You 
have come home to the Heart of the are loved and blessed ! Hao

Friday, 28 February 2014

The Longest Journey starts with the first step

The longest Journey starts with the first step! This is a one sentence secret that speaks volumes. Master Sha is returning to the Bay area for Soul Healing Miracle Events starting in March on the 13th for two weeks. For Master Sha, , the first step in the journey as a Soul Healing Miracle Healer , began in the late 1990’s in San Francisco. He was guided by the Divine to come to San Francisco which  represents the Heart in the USA. It is a to place to open your Heart to new thoughts and new beginnings. Since that first step, he has since travelled the world to educate, heal and bless humanity with his profound wisdom and knowledge of Soul Mind Body Medicine. Miracle healings are occurring. This is a true home coming and I am  excited  and delighted to share and be a part of his return visit to San Francisco,  the Heart of his first step on his journey  to becoming  a world reknowned healer.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

To be the Buddha become the Buddha

Humility begins from the heart. As we go about our daily tasks on life’s journey remember to be humble in each interaction. It is in these moments that we come to realize the beauty of Divine creation and its endless creativity and its endless manifestations. Love is the common thread to all life. As Dr and Master Sha teaches loves melts all blockages and transforms all life. So as we approach life with humility , our hearts will be full as will go through life transformed to higher and higher states of fulfillment.